Introduction to MPSGE:

Getting started with GAMS/MCP

Climate Shocks and Energy Demand -- a back of the envelope calculation illustrates the use of Marshallian elasticities to calibrate a general equilibrium model.

Calibrated CES Utility Functions: A Worked Example

A single-commodity partial equilibrium trade model

What is MPSGE? - GAMS page about MPSGE

Syntax - MPSGE syntax (also available in PDF format)

Introduction to MPSGE - Intermediate level introduction to MPSGE: Demand Theory and General Equilibrium

MPSGE help files in CHM AND HLP formats.

Iceberg trade costs in MCP and MPSGE models -- a gentle introduction.

An alternative exchange model with endogenous provision of portering services.

Two partial equilibrium models of natural gas trade -- MCP equilibrium models with LP calibration.

Multicommodity partial equilibrium trade models formulted in the MCP format

Lecture notes from EAERE/FEEM/VIU European Summer School - (i) Decomposing the Integrated Assessment of Climate Change and (ii) Stochastic Programming in a Complementarity Format: Programming Tools and their Application to Climate Policy Design

A template for representing renewable portfolio standards in MPSGE models.

Use of Latex TiKZ to document MPSGE nesting structure.


Markusen's examples.

OLG in MPSGE - Overlapping Generations with Pure Exchange: An MPSGE Formulation

Water Trade - An illustrative MPSGE model -- water allocation and water trade

Import Quota in MPSGE - Applying import quota in a small open economy

Tariff Reform in a small open economy - Tariff reform analysis for an open economy model based on a social accounting matrix

Tax policy model in Colombia -- a static model, with associated files here.

Taxation and Economic Efficiency in Armenia

Tourism in a small open economy - Study the impact of a decline in global tourism and the resulting change in a small open economy.

An open economy model for Tanzania based on a 124 row SAM, including GAMS code for matrix balance, data translation and an illustrative model implemented in MPSGE

A sequential quadratic programming approach to entropy minimization in matrix balancing

International Aid in a small open economy - Alternative aid programs for an open economy model based on a social accounting matrix

A successive recalibration algorithm for GE models with many households

BEFORE versus AFTER, illustrating the virtues of set notation.

Tools for building national models using state-level IMPLAN social accounts.

The IFPRI model in MPSGE syntax.

Steps in deugging the MCP version of an MPSGE model

Moving From an IO Table to a CGE Model - From an Input-Output Table to a General Equilibrium Model: Assessing the Excess Burden of Indirect Taxes in Russia (Pedagogic Paper)

The GTAP6inGAMS package (Version 6 -- 12/05)

Structural Estimation and Solution of International TradeModels with Heterogeneous Firms (with Ed Balistreri and Russell Hillberry)

The GTAPinGAMS package (Versions 4 and 5)

A sample GTAPinGAMS application contains the model which was developed for the paper: "The economic effects of border measures in subglobal climate agreements", with Mustafa H. Babiker, The Energy Journal 26(4):101-128, 2005.


Putty-Semiputty Technology -- an investigation of approximation error when technology is installed on the basis of weighted-average factor prices.

Managing the Transition to Climate Stabilization with Richard G. Richels, Geoffrey Blanford, and Leon Clarke

Projecting Long Term Medical Spending Growth with Christine Borger and Gregory Y. Won

Burden Sharing, joint implementation and carbon coalitions from International Environmental Agreements on Climate Change (Carlo Carraro, editor, Kluwer, 1999). (An oldie but a goodie.)

GAMS Template for report writing from a recursive model using savepoint

State Variable Targetting in an NLP Framework

A public goods model with stock and flow variables

The Role of Carbon Taxes and R&D Subsidies in Climate Policy

Geometric Sums and Terminal Approximation of the Ramsey Model.

More Questions about the Ramsey Model includes a few illustrative models and a set of lecture notes ("Using Finite-Dimensional Complementarity Problems to Approximate Infinite-Horizon Optimization Models") .

Liquidity-Constrained Lifecycle Expenditure Model (NLP and MCP formulations).

Yet another paper introducing dynamic general equilibrium analysis with MPSGE. (and the GAMS code)

Modeling unanticipated tax shocks. (Here is the same model with a pre-existing tax on capital.)

Calibration of Models with Multi-Year Periods

On the Assessment of Economic Cost in Dynamic Economic Models

Dynamics: Ramsey Model - Rutherford's Primer in Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis

Moving from Static to Dynamic General Equilibrium Economic Models (Notes for a beginner in MPSGE) by Sergey Paltsev

Intertemporal consumption choices.

Extant and vintage capital in a Ramsey model.

Recursive versus Intertemporal: A Worked Example

OLG - Modeling Overlapping Generations in a Complementarity Format

Economic Transition, Entrepreneurial Capacity, and Intergenerational Distribution

International Emission Trade and Voluntary Global Warming Agreements

In Search of a Rationale for Differentiated Environmental Taxes

Trade and direct investment in producer services and the domestic market for expertise (Here is the model directory. See RUN.BAT for scenario, figure and table definitions.)

Efficiency Gains from "What"-Flexibility in Climate Policy An Integrated CGE Assessment

Learning on the quick and cheap: gains from trade through imported expertise

Worked Examples in Dynamic Optimization: Analytic and Numeric Methods

The Economic Impact of LICAP on New England: A General Equilibrium Assessment


Computation of Equilibria in OLG Models with Many Heterogeneous Households (with Sebastian Rausch)

Decomposition Methods for Complementarity Problems in Applied Economic Equilibrium Analysis (slides for survey research talk)

Decomposing the Integrated Assessment of Climate Change (and GAMS code for DICE)

Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up (with GAMS code)

Decomposing Bottom-Up with Top-Down

An illustrative GAMS implementation of the Harrison, Horridge, and K.R. Pearson decomposition technique.

Alternative Approaches:


Slides from INFORMS 2006 talk, "Alan S. Manne: Innovative Approaches to Climate Policy Design"

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